Set of options for Rebased initialisation

collectionnullData "table" and internal identifier. eg: users.
identifierdoc_idcolumn name for auto id generation
disableAutoIDfalsecreated automatically for each new document
baseURLnullhttp only. eg: https://api.thecatapi.com
endpointnullhttp only. eg: /v1
pathnamenullhttp only. eg: /some/long/path/to/the/resource?with=params&items=true
httpConfigAxiosRequestConfigused to extend http config. learn more
fromhttpdriver set for a call in runtime
driverhttpdefault http driver applied for any fetch call
timestampEnabledtrueenable/disable timestamp auto creation
timestampObjectfalsewhether use new Date() object or toISOString()
timestampCreatedcreated_atfield name for created timestamp
timestampUpdatedupdated_atfield name for updated timestamp
silentfalsewhether or not display internal logs
loggerLoggercustom logger instance
useCachetruewhether use cache for results
useStatetruewhether use memoized state for results
useNetworktruewherer use network
persistence 🧪doc_idfirestore only. experimental persistence layer

Available Drivers#

  • http
  • firebase
  • firestore
  • parse